We've All Got Baggage 6x17

I LOATHE the expression, “We’ve all got baggage” — I think it’s super patronizing and annoying.   The saying probably annoys me the most because it’s TRUE.

I used to live such a simplistic life thinking everybody else had it “easier” than I did.   After becoming a fitness professional and coach, you learn that absolutely every single person does, indeed, have baggage.  Some more than others.  But, we’re not talking about my experience today.  No.  We’re talking about Pretty Little Liars episode 6×17 aptly titled, “We’ve All Got Baggage.”  And, omg, it was a HEAVY episode.

Okay, first off, I find Caleb SOOOOOO shady.  I love him, but lately, I am all kinds of suspicious of him.  Seriously at the end of every Caleb scene I’m like…

Secondly, now that we KNOW there’s an identical twin who’s about to show up on the scene, I found myself pausing the screen and staring at it a couple of times.

My first pause during 6×17 was the scene right before the opening credits. The housekeeping lady came out of the bathroom with the creepy Bellhop mask and glasses.  Am I wrong in thinking she KINDA looked like Spencer?  Was it really a Spencer mask??

The second pause was during the wedding scene.  If you look in the background, there’s totally a character (though, blurry) who resembles  Mona or Spencer.  Naturally, Aria would have noticed this and said, “Um, I didn’t invite you”, but maybe not?

At the end of the episode, when they showed the famous closing “hand scene” there was a slice of wedding cake.  So, whoever it was, they totally crashed that wedding and would have had to have gone unnoticed,  Like, perhaps, because they look exactly like somebody else?

I think that now I’m just looking for twins.  I came up with a theory that Spencer is a double.  Isn’t it weird how when she returned to the barn at the beginning of the pilot episode that she was robotic?  Like, she was some Terminator character with Spencer’s memory but disconnected and loopy unlike her?  I mean, I know she was jacked up on Adderall, or whatever, but still.

Sometimes I think Spencer has to store some of her brains in another head to be as smart and full of facts as she is,  right?

The “Ezria” situation finally reared it’s head to Aria’s new love interest, Liam.  He seemed to get over it pretty quickly, though.

Things that make you go, “hmm”?

I’m over this Ali and Dr. Rollins storyline.  That guy has to end up being a creep or else, seriously, why?  He has been pretty pointless up until now.

Also, about that flashback with Melissa and Hannah in London.  I’m sorry, but Melissa is tres cray, and I also think that she has an obsession with Wren.  I don’t believe that it’s love; I believe that it’s a chemical imbalance.  I also will be super pissed off if Wren is not part of the overall storyline.  Wren is so shady and, I believe, he had more to do with the 6A finale than we saw.  Why would he be calling Charlotte (CeCe) in the mental hospital?  Didn’t Mona confess to killing Bethany Young in the midseason finale?  Then again, maybe Wren and Bethany are related?


I’m looking forward to listening to my two new fave podcasts, Taking This One to the Grave on Bustle.com and Bros Watch PLL Too.  If you’re not listening to either of these, and you’re a PLL fan, you’re missing out.  I can’t wait to hear what these two teams think about the latest PLL episode!

Three episodes until the season finale!  I’m sure it will be a cliffhanger.

I bet my husband can’t wait.

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Any thoughts on 6×17?  Who might have the twin?  How much of your life is consumed by this 45-minute show?  

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Pretty Little Liars

Okay, I’m being a scoatch dramatic, but seriously, I shouldn’t ever have started watching Pretty Little Liars.  I am ob-s-e-ssed.    I literally stayed up one night watching YouTube theories created by 15-year-olds with questionable spelling skills.  I mean no disrespect, you are (and will always be) a much better human than I am.

It pretty much looked like this when my husband woke up to find me the next morning.

Binge Watching ErIntuitino

Photo: Bustle.com

But seriously.  This show is crack.  CRACK.  I have found myself being like some merlot-induced tv vigilante trying to find out for myself what the BIG ending shocker will be for PLL.  Why do I want to know?  I hated the mid-season finale for season 6A, but I love Marlene King and have faith that she’s been making everything just so to blow us all away.  You know, like the first time you ate Olestra based potato chips and totally shit yourself.  The kind of blown away when you know it’s too good to be true, but you’re going to keep coming back because it just hurts so good.

The latest confirmation is that THERE IS A TWIN, and I feel like it’s either Bethany and CeCe or Bethany and Mona or Bethany and Sara.  It’s probably not any of them (and that’s why I don’t write for TV — I mean, that and the fact that I have commitment issues with my ideas).


“Come on, Marlene …I mean, who is the twin?  At this moment, it means EVVVVVVERYTHING.”

I just made that shit up.

Like, I needed to clarify that I did.

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WHO IS UBER A/BIG BAD?  Is he/she THE TWIN?  Am I insane?

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Netflix Shaming

If you’re reading this post based on its title, you’re probably thinking, “oh wtf people who are shaming the excessive use of Netflix”?  While these persons absolutely exist, I’m not talking about that kind of shaming.   No, this post is about my Netflix account shaming me.

I watch a lot of television — I think that most of us do these days because it’s never been easier to escape your life.  That said, I was shocked to discover that when I watch more than three episodes of a program on Netflix, they question it.

Netflix Shaming


First off, “Am I still watching Breaking Bad?!”  One should never ask such a question, electronic device, or otherwise.  Second, why does Netflix care if I’m still watching it?  Does it have something else to do?  Does it want me to watch something different?  I just turned to my husband and asked, “ew, is our tv judging us right now?”  It was.

It was.

One might suggest, if I didn’t believe I was doing something shameful or wasteful with my time, then I wouldn’t feel judged.  However, I am feeling judged.  When Netflix asks me this, I return to a mental space when I’m 16, and my mother is poking her head in my bedroom asking me in a disgusted voice, “are you STILL watching South Park?!

Even more strange is when I mentioned Netflix shaming to friends, they were like, “omg, I’ve never seen that before”.

I have long since gotten over myself, but I can’t help but think:  Is Netflix just shaming people like me?

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Have you ever been shamed by your Netflix account?

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