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I love music.  Who doesn’t?  Spotify is my life.  I love having access to new music each week.  I mean, seriously, I could have avoided 70% of my college debt if I didn’t have to buy so many CDs and digital downloads over the years.  Also, Spotify is a personal trainer/fitness instructor’s best friend.  No Taylor Swift required.


  1. “Our Love Will Survive” – Wild Belle
  2. “Liana” – The Joy Formidable
  3. “Here She Comes Again – DJ Antonio Remix” – Royksopp, Jamie Irrepressible
  5. “Run” – Tourist
  6. “Feels – Jai Wolf Remix” – Kiiara ft. Jai Wolf
  7. “Arcadia” – White Sea
  8. “Drive” – Glades

What’s your fave new music lately?


Best Purple Shampoo for Blondes


I love being a blonde but it is a high maintenance relationship.  I say this, and I’m not even a full-head platinum blonde.  One of the absolute staples any blonde (bottle or natural) will tell you is having an excellent colour-care shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference in the world.

I was super excited this weekend while I was shopping for some inexpensive bachelorette party accessories at Home Bargains when I discovered Creightons Sunshine Blonde with Argan Tone Correcting Shampoo & Conditioner.  It was £.99/bottle, so I thought even if it was absolute rubbish, what did I have to lose?  Right?

Best Violet Shampoo for Blondes

Picture via Beauty At Creightons

I currently use Clairol Shimmering Lights shampoo and Pro-Voke Touch of Silver Protein Conditioner and combined they are a great deal.  The Clairol shampoo I buy off Amazon because you cannot buy it anywhere in Glasgow and Pro-Voke is an excellent product and widely available in most grocery and drug stores.  By comparison, I have to say Creighton products make my hair feel softer and more manageable.  I have read many reviews for Shimmering Lights shampoo where people have complained about how the shampoo made their hair feel afterwards, and I have to agree that my hair feels parched after I wash with it.  The Shimmering Lights shampoo also has a very smack-down powerful scent to it.  I often go 2-3 days between shampoos and even through workouts and environmental elements, my hair still smells as strongly as the day of washing.

Now onto the Creightons products — which, I love.  Creightons Sunshine Blonde Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner are also violet for combatting brassy tones and help brighten highlighted, bleached, and silver hair.  The smell is lovely and not as overpowering as the Shimmering Lights products, but I don’t love it as much as I love the scent of the Pro-Voke product line.  However, I’m not purchasing a blonde shampoo for the scent personally, but if a fragrance is important to you, the Creightons products smell great.

I applied a mixture of the shampoo and conditioner on my hair for 30 minutes before rinsing (something I do once a week with the Clairol and Pro-Voke products), and the difference in how my hair felt and looked was a total 180.  Also, I tend to freak, while using any purple shampoo product is that my hair will have patches of purple in it when I rinse, but it doesn’t.  However, if your hair is super platinum or white it probably will turn purple or silver!  Anyhoo, my blonde appeared to be much more of an ash tone, and I had no problem combing through it, and that’s rarely ever the case (the struggle of being blonde, am I right?).

For £2.00, I have to say my hair looked and felt better than it has in months.  I am not sure how often Home Bargains carries these products, but they are pretty affordable to buy online as well.  If you’re a blonde (and especially with Summer being around the corner), I highly recommend grabbing a few bottles of Creightons Sunshine Blonde Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your locks bright, shiny, and gorgeous!

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Blondes, what’s your favourite brand of colour-care shampoo?  Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post?

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Hush Hush Sweet Liars 6x20


Okay, so the Spring finale of Pretty Little LiarsHush, Hush, Sweet Liars” aired last night, and I have to say I was far more impressed than expected, but still not as impressed as I hoped to have been.  If that makes sense?  So, for literal years (well, months for me as a binge watcher) loyal PLL viewers have been teased with the possibility of a character having a twin.  In last night’s finale episode, we received this twin in the form of Mary Drake, the twin sister of the late Jessica DiLaurentis.  And, bitch is cray.

Apparently, the imbalanced side of the DiLaurentis clan predominantly lies with Jessica’s (and Mary’s) side.

Before moving on, let’s dissect a bit further, shall we?

In the famous “Twin Story” Ali told at the beginning of episode 2×13, we saw two sisters playing with dolls and one stabbed the other.  Do I guess these two might have been urban legendish versions of Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake as young girls?  Let’s just say that this is true — they are the girls in the story — I’m also guessing that the sister with the machete was Mary.


This theory could be the reason for the discovery of Mary’s patient file Spencer, Toby, and Mona discovered in the hotel’s basement.  Inside of Mary’s Radley records showed that Charles (Charlotte?) DiLaurentis was the son she gave birth to while she was a patient there.  The record showed Charles (Charlotte?) was the same age as Jason.  The record also revealed that Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis adopted Charles (Charlotte?) when he was a baby.

So, now for some more questions.  Obviously.

Are we still to believe that Charles and CeCe equal Charlotte?

Are we to believe that Mary killed Jessica?  

Are we to believe that CeCe (Charlotte) knew Jessica wasn’t her biological mother?  I mean, her fake name was CeCe Drake, after all.  

Who the FUCK called Charlotte from Two Crows Diner the night she was murdered?  

Why does Mary Drake have a vendetta against Jessica and Ali?

Moving on.

I’m probably going to blow people’s worlds away right now when I declare this, but, I don’t give a shit for the ‘ships.’  I mean, I love the relationships and all, but they are not why I watch (or even like) the show.  I don’t care if any of them end up together one way or another.  I would love all of the PLL characters to have happy endings and if it happens, great, but I don’t mind if it’s with one another or not.


However, I will say that the Ezria sex scene was kind of hot, though.  Also, watching Tyler Blackburn get dressed wasn’t too bad on the eyes either.

Okay, let’s talk FINAL twists.

We all called it (well, I know I did) Rollins is sketchy AF.  I knew he was a creep, and I realize this, in no way, shape or form gives me any Nancy Drew street cred or anything, but yeah, homeboy is not only a trifling d-bag, but he’s also English!  Many of us are now thinking (hoping, more like) that he possibly has a connection to Dr. Wren Kingston.  I would say it’s just a coincidence that they are both English, but we all know there are only two types of occurrences that happen in Rosewood:  Those that make sense deliberately (but not always obviously) and things that the writers have included that don’t pan out and never amount to anything.


Also, Alison checked her ass into the mental hospital rather quickly, didn’t she?  I mean it’s been like two or three days since she “fell” down the stairs and she’s just committing herself.  I know that TV has to move quickly, but just saying, I was in a relationship with a sociopath for nearly three years before I noticed I was convinced things were “all in my head.”

In Ali’s defense, though, this shit isn’t in her head it’s her crazy long-lost aunt and her new husband are trying to get rid of her and steal her money.

The middle class is disappearing, people.  #FeelTheBern

And finally, WHO IS A.D. and where the hell did HE/SHE take Hanna?


Marlene King gave us four Season 7 clues last night and one of them was that “A.D. IS THE ‘BIG BAD'” — and I’m guessing, whoever this person is, it’s probably “A.” Drake.  The MOTHER of all A’s.


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I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m not going to try to figure this one out over the show’s hiatus because I should be doing other things with my life.

In fairness, I haven’t joined the PLL Reddit discussion, though, so I’m obviously not fully committed to this obsession just yet.

SPOILER:  I may be soon.

Also, I’m going to watch Bates Motel.  

What did you think of the 6×20 PLL Finale?  Are you happy, mad, sad, or what?  Personally, I believe that it will all tie together in the end, and we can all be proud of our perseverance and commitment to this show.  Are you with me?

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