Ten Observations From Pretty Little Liars 'Tick-Tock, Bitches'


Happy Wednesday!  So, I’ve watched the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, and, I think that the episode was excellent and has certainly pushed my suspicions in a very particular direction.

First off, wtf with the masks? The masks are stressing me out. Now that I know that this show is becoming a ‘MaskFest 2016,’ I feel like it’s possible some of the characters that we are seeing could be wearing masks and not who they say they are.

Probably not, but still. That Hanna mask was crazy.


So, here are ten observations I had during Tick-Tock, Bitches:

  1. The opening sequence with Emily, Spencer, and Aria digging what appears to be a grave is the cliffhanger of our midseason finale episode, 7×10. I think the entirety of season 7A is going to be the four days leading up to that scene.
  2. Mary Drake is possibly the mother of Melissa or Spencer. There were too many hints dropped during the 10-minute cup of tea between Spencer and Mary. I believe that Veronica is the adoptive mother of either Spencer or Melissa, and this would be another way for Marlene and Co. to pay homage to the books (I believe Spencer is adopted in the books, right?).
  3. According to her passport, Mary was last in London before returning to Rosewood. You know who else lives in London? Wren and Melissa. Hmmm.
  4. It was suggested, by one of the PLL writers, that there will be a “Romeo and Juliet” type of storyline. We all know that Spencer doesn’t just like Shakespeare, she loves Shakespeare.
  5. Team #Spoby? Did you see the scene when Spencer texted, “How do we know Hanna is still alive?” and the camera cut over to Toby looking at his phone?
    10 Observations From Pretty Little Liars Tick-Tock, Bitches

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  6. Whenever someone is called out for being the killer, they are not. Alison did not murder Charlotte.
  7. I kind of love Huw Collins as creepy Elliot. (I also love that he is married to the daughter of my home state of New Hampshire’s Senator!). Also, obviously because, British.
  8. I fucking love Mona. I just do. “And then what, we waterboard her?” – the best line from the entire episode.
  9. Spencer was visiting Hanna. If we’ve learned nothing else from PLL, it’s this: When people think they are seeing another person, it’s not a vision, it’s happening.
  10. Mary Drake is a whole lot like the killer from The Woman In Black. Especially now that we know she was responsible for the death of a baby and spent over five years being admitted and discharged from Radley.

I’m excited because I think ANYTHING could happen this season. Anyone could be a villain.

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What are your predictions for season 7? Any thoughts on ‘Uber A’?


perfume trauma

Controversial title.

Real issue.

I grew up in a small town. Like, minuscule. I’ll put it this way; my town didn’t matter to anyone (including most of its residents) until Walmart decided to set up shop near a highway exit.  That’s not to say people were happy about the Walmart.  My point is, sadly, my hometown is the kind of town which only really gained any recognition by its ability to house a Walmart.

As you can imagine, growing up as a child in the 80’s and early 90’s without being in proximity to a shopping mall was not awesome.

I envied people who lived near a mall and could hang out with their friends and eat Cinnabon and drink Orange Julius until they inevitably puked in their family’s minivan on the ride home.

As a child from small town America, I felt well and truly left out.  The mall was the place to be, but I couldn’t be there.

Oh, capricious youth and all its struggles.


Well, times have changed.

As an adult, I loathe going to the mall and despise department stores.

I think malls and department stores are horrid.  They are hot and full of people buying meaningless filler crap made in sweatshops to make their lives seem less miserable

You know I’m a scoach dramatic, but not really?

Is it just me or are the fragrance people in department stores aggressive AF?

You know what, no. It’s not just me. I’ve been a victim of what I call “perfume trauma” multiple times in the past thirty days.

In fact, it happened just a few weeks ago.

Said trauma was during a last minute quest to find Soul Mates for a garden wedding we were attending (which, by the way, are the BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY) and, to date, this was the worst perfume trauma I’ve ever experienced.

I went in, like no exaggeration at all, 25 stores in Glasgow City Centre on this quest.

It was a scavenger hunt for something I didn’t even really want to find.  The best kind, right?

But I digress. One of the stores I went into was House of Fraser department store.

I mean, no offence if you like that shop, but the one on Buchanan Street here in Glasgow was an absolute shitshow as far as shopping experiences go.   Seriously.

First off, the music is way too loud (and shitty) and there are fucking mirrors EVERYWHERE.

As I first walked into what was about to be one of the most annoying retail experiences of my life, I was attacked by a vigorous and powerful mist of perfume.

Like, it went into my mouth and eyes.  Like pepper spray.

As I was choking (not even exaggerating) the girl who attacked me tried to hand me a piece of paper with the awful scent on it.

“Would you like a wee sample of [most offensive fragrance ever]?”

Perfume trauma

Photo: Giphy

Straight up perfume trauma.

I asked the girl who finally (didn’t) help me locate what I was looking for in House of Fraser how she could work there. To which she replied, “I don’t know, but it certainly makes me think twice about drinking the night before a shift.”

Seriously, that is a version of hell I’d rather not imagine.

So, you can imagine my enthusiasm this morning when my husband mentioned that he wanted to go into a particular department store to “compare colognes.”

In fact, the conversation went a little bit like this:

Luke: “How do you feel about popping into [store I’d rather not mention]? I want to compare colognes.”

Me: “Can I counter your question?”

Luke: “Uh, sure.”

Me: “How do you feel about me stabbing myself in the neck with this key?”

True story.

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Have you ever experienced perfume trauma?  Do you like malls and/or department stores?



Warning:  SPOILERS

If you watch Pretty Little Liars (and you’re a not-that-far-from-being-middle-aged woman who made this show her guiltiest pleasure, like yours truly), then you are probably just as excited as I am for the Season 7 premiere next Tuesday!

I admittedly calmed down with my PLL theory searching for about six weeks during the show’s current hiatus, but I’ve been back in action the past couple of weeks trying to see what types of theories are out there.

I’ve been skimming the PLL Reddit page.  No, I’m not joining it.  I kinda don’t want to be an actual part of Reddit.  I fear I will get sucked in and never come back out.  I just don’t know if I can handle that kind of commitment in my schedule right now.


Some fans are speculating crazy things to come in season 7.

And some fans are already predicting that Marlene King and Company will let them down.


As for me? I’m pretty optimistic. I think that the writers have an excellent shot at both making this show come full circle and answering some of the many questions PLL viewers have had on their minds for literal seasons.



I think we can safely speculate that Hanna will not die, but nobody knows for sure.  That creepy promo tells us that the Liars have 24 hours to change Hanna’s fate in 7×01 “Tik-Tok Bitches.”  Marlene said that the Liars will be making the “biggest mistake of their lives”.

Judging from the trailer, me thinks it’s going to be an unintentional murder.


My Top Pick PLL #ENDGAME Theory

I’ve read and seen a few theories I find interesting/plausible, but the one that is really, really solid and well-constructed is the one called “The Killer Three” by PLLTheorist.  Seriously, read it.

This theory is totally worth a read if you’re like me, and you think that Charlotte may not have told the whole truth in 6×10, because…

Of course, I’m not leaving out my semi-theory that Toby could be the one to shock us all in the end.  Toby has so many things to hate the DiLaurentis family for, not to mention, Peter Hastings.  Alison got him sent away and she blinded Jenna.  Jessica and Peter were on the board at Radley and facilitated the cover up his mother’s murder, which CeCe witnessed and was later accused to have committed.  Peter was also instrumental in convincing Toby and his father to take a settlement rather than seeking justice for his mother’s death.    And let’s also not forget that Toby’s house was blown to smithereens by “A.”  “But he helps the girls all the time” –keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

That’s the saying, right?

I’m not much for revenge, but seriously.  That’s a whole lot of shit to take off one family.  I can’t help but feel like he might have a motive or two to get his hands dirty in the end.  Plus, he made a convincing and creepy “A” helper.

I’m also looking forward to the return of characters like Jenna and Noel.

Tammin Sursok stated during an interview that her character will be “very much involved” in the overall storyline. Either way, with Miss Marshall’s return, we’re bound to have some good drama/possible red herrings thrown into the mix – that will hopefully keep us all on our toes.

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Are you looking forward to season 7 of Pretty Little Liars? Are you still hoping that Wren is Uber A? Me too. Me too.