Pretty Little Liars Season 7 – The Countdown Begins!

Warning:  SPOILERS

If you watch Pretty Little Liars (and you’re a not-that-far-from-being-middle-aged woman who made this show her guiltiest pleasure, like yours truly), then you are probably just as excited as I am for the Season 7 premiere next Tuesday!

I admittedly calmed down with my PLL theory searching for about six weeks during the show’s current hiatus, but I’ve been back in action the past couple of weeks trying to see what types of theories are out there.

I’ve been skimming the PLL Reddit page.  No, I’m not joining it.  I kinda don’t want to be an actual part of Reddit.  I fear I will get sucked in and never come back out.  I just don’t know if I can handle that kind of commitment in my schedule right now.


Some fans are speculating crazy things to come in season 7.

And some fans are already predicting that Marlene King and Company will let them down.


As for me? I’m pretty optimistic. I think that the writers have an excellent shot at both making this show come full circle and answering some of the many questions PLL viewers have had on their minds for literal seasons.



I think we can safely speculate that Hanna will not die, but nobody knows for sure.  That creepy promo tells us that the Liars have 24 hours to change Hanna’s fate in 7×01 “Tik-Tok Bitches.”  Marlene said that the Liars will be making the “biggest mistake of their lives”.

Judging from the trailer, me thinks it’s going to be an unintentional murder.


My Top Pick PLL #ENDGAME Theory

I’ve read and seen a few theories I find interesting/plausible, but the one that is really, really solid and well-constructed is the one called “The Killer Three” by PLLTheorist.  Seriously, read it.

This theory is totally worth a read if you’re like me, and you think that Charlotte may not have told the whole truth in 6×10, because…

Of course, I’m not leaving out my semi-theory that Toby could be the one to shock us all in the end.  Toby has so many things to hate the DiLaurentis family for, not to mention, Peter Hastings.  Alison got him sent away and she blinded Jenna.  Jessica and Peter were on the board at Radley and facilitated the cover up his mother’s murder, which CeCe witnessed and was later accused to have committed.  Peter was also instrumental in convincing Toby and his father to take a settlement rather than seeking justice for his mother’s death.    And let’s also not forget that Toby’s house was blown to smithereens by “A.”  “But he helps the girls all the time” –keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

That’s the saying, right?

I’m not much for revenge, but seriously.  That’s a whole lot of shit to take off one family.  I can’t help but feel like he might have a motive or two to get his hands dirty in the end.  Plus, he made a convincing and creepy “A” helper.

I’m also looking forward to the return of characters like Jenna and Noel.

Tammin Sursok stated during an interview that her character will be “very much involved” in the overall storyline. Either way, with Miss Marshall’s return, we’re bound to have some good drama/possible red herrings thrown into the mix – that will hopefully keep us all on our toes.

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Are you looking forward to season 7 of Pretty Little Liars? Are you still hoping that Wren is Uber A? Me too. Me too.




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