About Erin


I’m Erin! I’m a bunch of things. I’m a writer. I’m an”unconventional” certified personal trainer. I’m a certified nutritional therapist. I’m a life coach. These are what I do. I’m a wife and an American expat living in Glasgow, Scotland. I love to blog, exercise, make soups, and spend time with my adorable husband, Luke. He’s super cute and Scottish. I love when he says ordinary words like carrot because it sounds like “ca-ddot”.

I’ve been blogging for two and half years on my first blog, Beets Per Minute. I started Beets Per Minute when I began working as a certified personal trainer and as a place to write about health and fitness. While I love my first blog, I have grown to feel different about wellness. I also wanted to start a blog where I could dump all of my thoughts out into my writing.  You’re welcome (in advance).

I call myself an “intuitive pessimist” because while I tend to see the best in everybody, I am also extremely intuitive about human behavior.  That’s part of what makes me a great communicator and coach.  I like to make a lot of jokes, and I swear.  A lot.  I don’t do it for shock value; it’s just the way I talk.  I learned the dirty song, “Three Irish Men” during the summer vacation before my first day of second grade.  It was one of those songs where you emphasize words like “cock” and then throw the word tail at the end, so it seems like you’re not swearing?  Anyhoo, what started out as a demonstration of my lyrical genius to an exclusive audience by the swings, quickly went viral, and before I could stop it from spreading, I discovered that fourth graders were singing it.  I had to turn myself in and my teacher, Mrs. Enderson, indeed let me know she was disappointed in me.

I’d like to say that event had a profound effect on me, but it fucking didn’t.

I love to make people laugh.  I love to tell stories.  I have colorful language.

As I mentioned, I live in Glasgow with my husband, we got married November 28, 2014.  I moved to Scotland shortly after.


Life as an expat can be many things.  It can be frustrating, sad, hilarious, but mostly exciting.  People always say, “well, at least, they speak English there” — if you’ve ever been to Glasgow, you know that’s not entirely the case.

I do get homesick, but I also enjoy living in a new place.  I bitch about the weather here ALL THE TIME.  I’m not going to lie.  Though, I should have some perspective after living my entire life on the northeastern coast of America.

I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and do the crazy shit like stick tape under my eye to do a winged eyeliner.  I most recently wrapped 80% of my body in cling wrap while covered with Vapo Rub and used coffee grinds to try and “detox”.    I felt like an extra on CSI.

soups  I love to cook.   I love food.  I just eat what I want.  I spent over a decade of my life at war with my body image.  I’m done with that shit. If my body offends you, I think you need to go take a good fucking look at your own and figure that shit out.   I think all bodies are great, and no matter what your size is, you should own it and take care of it how you see fit.  Nobody ever became happier with their own body by tearing down somebody else’s.


IMG_20150714_062423You might be wondering why I refer to myself as an “unconventional” personal trainer and the reason for this is, I like to train differently from most other trainers.  I like to focus more on what’s going on inside, and the relationship people have with their bodies and then adapt how I feel they should proceed.

I am sick and tired of the “bruh” approach to fitness.  I spent years thinking that I had to be the perfect weight in order to help other people and make a difference. Sure, I get some, “do you even lift, bruh” comments, but I don’t give a single fuck.  Fitness looks different for each of us.  I’m more interested in getting people feeling healthy, confident, and happy with who they are from the inside out.  One thing I have no problem lifting is my middle finger.  Bruh.

I became interested in the field of life coaching because I’ve always had a passion for helping others.  I knew I had zero interest in studying psychology formally (though it was part of my college major) and knew I wanted to help people live their life to the fullest potential.  I couldn’t be more excited to get to work helping more people while continuing to help myself.

I work with people in person and online, for all of my coaching services, so if you’re interested in working with me email me at ecampbellcpt@gmail.com for a free consultation.

I’m sure this about page will evolve as time goes on, but I’m so glad you’re here and hope that you enjoy all of my “musings”.