The ‘Waiting’ Game

Well, it came, after nearly eight months of a hiatus, Pretty Little Liars returned with it’s first of the final ten #endgame episodes, “Playtime.

I know that it was a premier event and that there was only so much territory possible covered, but I kinda hated this episode.  Andrea Parker (Mary Drake) said there would be a “mouth-gaped” shock moment in episode 7×11.

… an absolutely, pick-your-teeth-up-off-the-floor, mouth-gaped, didn’t-see-that-coming” scene happens in the first episode of 7B. It’s right up top. It happens pretty fresh in the first episode… and it is an exciting ride.”  (Source)

Um, when?  Did I miss it?

Unless Parker was referring to the most obvious of obviousness?

When it comes to Spencer, Peter Hastings IS the father (and Mary was supposed to be Jessica, but then wasn’t.)

Of course, Mary Drake is Spencer’s mom.  Of course, Peter slept with her ‘thinking she was Jessica DiLaurentis.’  For real, 85% of the PLL fandom already predicted this.

It was an NC-17 switcharoo; Peter needed to get his playtime sorted out.




Also, what the hell kind of cruise was Peter and Veronica on that, they took a week to get back to their recently shot daughter?  And Peter had trouble with his passport?  Is that because it’s a fake and he’s wearing a mask?  I won’t go there, but I bet somebody will.

I feel for Spencer, however.  What a mess.  This girl cannot catch a break with that clan of hers.  Mary being her biological mother actually does make a lot of sense.

The ‘ships have sailed

Okay, I know people shit their pants over Haleb, but they bore me.  I don’t care about the ships at all.  Unless it’s the friendSHIPS, I don’t ship it.  I just can’t with these couples.

Regarding the ships, I will say this though, APPLAUSE to Emily Fields for telling Ali to back the fuck up unless she figures her sexuality out, right quick.

I still hate Ezra

Ezra.  He’s AD.  You know what I think.  Is he in New York with Nicole’s family?  No.  He was translating his plans to torment his girlfriend and her friends into braille for Jenna Marshall.

“Keep planning your wedding, Aria, and he’ll show up,”  says Hanna.


#NeverForget your first reaction, girl. Photo: Pinterest

Um, no.  Take a break from the bullshit, Aria, and try and figure out why somebody wants to ruin your life so badly.  I mean, besides the obvious.

Who the hell is in France?  

Spencer’s gunshot wound was from a .22, not Jenna’s .45.  Marco Polo confirmed the ballistics.  But Archer’s passport was scanned in France.

So some mofo is eating baguettes by The River Seine with a Huw Collins mask?  This stinks of Charlotte, and I don’t know how I feel about that.  I’m still holding out hope for Melissa’s involvement.

Emma Dumont

Katherine Daly is .actually a chick named Katherine Daly.  The fandom had all hoped that the name Katherine Daly was a cover up for a young Mary Drake flashback.  Lame.  Hanna gave her a dress to wear, and Mona took the credit. We don’t have time for this.

Again, we don’t have time for this.

The return of ‘Bitchy Ali’

“Bitchy Ali” is back.  My prediction?  She’ll be gone by minute 4 of the next episode with maybe a few bits of flare here and there (ooh, that rhymes!).  That wasn’t the old Ali that was the hormonal-I’m-knocked-up-with-a-conman’s-baby, Ali.


AD’s board game is ridonkulous.

I do, however, like the idea that the Liars are forced to put together a puzzle.

Time is too limited for the game to be random at this point.


Photo: Teen Vogue

The bottom line?

This episode didn’t meet my expectations, but I suppose this is because of the super long break we had to endure.

I’m, of course, going to keep playing Marlene King’s game.

Because believe it or not, I have faith that the ending will be worth all of her fuckery.

So, greatest troll of the Internet Marlene, let’s play!

Despite my feelings on this episode, I want more.

Did you watch? What are your predictions for the #endgame?


It’s been, like, a decade since the season 7A finale of Pretty Little Liars, right? The wait is nearly over for diehard fans (or those watching because the invested time and energy will not allow them to ‘give up’.)

Even people ‘hate watching’ the show are still curious to see how it all ends.  Either that or they are using it as motivation for hate mailing Marlene King on June 21st.

Whichever it is, we’re all in this together.

Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD on Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: PLL Wiki

I’m a PLL Reddit lurker who has never joined in on the community, but I have seen some interesting thoughts and theories posted over the past seven months.

As well my fave PLL podcasters over at CAbernet and A who introduced PLL ‘newbies’ Babe and Leo over the hiatus to give a fresh perspective on the Liars, their lovers, and other Felicia’s of the series.

Leo has it pinned on Ezra Fitz, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

I have been suspicious of Ezra for the majority of PLL. I don’t trust him. He’s shifty, selfish, manipulative, and fucking weird.

Ezra’s role has been questionable at the best of times and downright nefarious at others (season 4).

I am also aware that I am putting a target on myself by saying I think that the EzriA relationship is not impressive.

As a person who provides relationship coaching, I can honestly say that Aria not only needs to stay away from Ezra, she needs to take a break from dudes in general.

Ezra has been playing Aria since the day he preyed on her by pretending he didn’t know she was 16 and the best friend of the ‘dead’ girl he had been dating a year earlier.


Photo Credit: ToShellWithItBlog

So, yeah. I don’t ship EzriA at all. And I think this is a sentiment that much of the PLL fandom has (even people who ship them admit that at points the relationship is kinda gross.)

My ideal ending would be that Ezra is AD. I don’t know all of the logistics of it or even what his ultimate motive is, but I believe he is behind all of this.

There are theories that he is a distant DiLaurentis or Drake. I think his connection to CeCe runs a lot deeper than what we discovered during season 4B.

There are theories that he is a friend/relative of Wren Kingston.

There are theories that he has been manipulating the girls this whole time (including his recently relocated girlfriend, Nicole) as twisted muses for his book plotlines.

There are theories that Ezra is just a creepy psycho, and there is PLENTY of evidence to support them.

Tumblr user rosewoodrebel hints that perhaps there is a connection between Ezra and Bethany Young.

My opinion is going to be a super unpopular pseudo-theory (and it’s not entirely original either), but I think that Sabrina is Bethany Young and I believe she is managing a hell of a lot more for Ezra than the Brew Cafe.

Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD on Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit:

I know, I know – then, really, WHO THE F**K IS IN THE GRAVE?!

PLL has faked multiple dead bodies.

They faked dead Toby in season 3 (complete with ‘901 Free At Last’ tattoo) and we can’t forget about the “cadaver” from season 5 that Rosewood PD believed was the body of an also not dead Mona Vanderwaal.

So, how do they know that the police records were not botched by A to make it appear that the random female body in the grave is not who they think it is?

More on Sabrina, the edibles baker, who appears from thin air in season 6A.

Sabrina has no last name. Sabrina has no social media presence. Sabrina happens to manage the very place that the Liars go to discuss all things murder and mayhem. We don’t know Sabrina’s age. We don’t know anything about her except for the fact that she had cancer, can bake cupcakes and lemon bars, and makes a decent cup of coffee.

We know that Sabrina smokes ‘medicinal’ marijuana. According to CeCe, Bethany is the one who suffered from IED, not her. So here’s an interesting aside:

Medical Marijuana and Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)

The conventional treatment for IED through both cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotropic medication regimes, have shown very limited success given the patients refusal to take any prescribed opiates that alter their mood because this is not deemed as a “natural” process.

IED is linked to conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, stress and attention hyper activity disorder, for which medical marijuana is a fantastic treatment. Research has found medical marijuana to have active ingredients that are used to treat symptoms and conditions such as stress, severe anxiety, chronic pain and abnormal respiratory functions.

THC an active cannabinoid in medical marijuana tends to serve as a great mood alteration and provides patients with a very calm and serene view of the world around them. Cannabis’ ability to effectively modify the “fight or flight” impulse response makes it a perfect solution for IED. (Medical Marijuana Association).

Interesting, right?

Oh, and Sabrina HATES it when people lie to her.

Hmm. Who else went bonkers apeshit over being lied to?

Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD on Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit:

Another thing I got thinking about was something I noticed during the EzrA episodes. In Hot for Teacher, the film playing in the A tag is Dark Passage, which is about a man who is accused of murdering his wife and undergoes “illicit backroom plastic surgery” to stay under the radar. Since 4B is the season we learn that Alison isn’t dead and that somebody else is “in the box,” could it be possible that Bethany underwent plastic surgery to stay under the radar?

We’ve never seen Bethany’s face.

Maybe when Mona or Melissa (or whoever) hit Bethany over the head with the shovel, they did enough damage that it would have required reconstructive surgery.

If Bethany and Ezra are linked somehow, this could be why Sabrina just appears out of nowhere after the girls are free from the Dollhouse and why she would still be around after the five-year time jump.

Also, a possible bonus parallel: Emily is hooking up with Sabrina and let’s not forget, she also hooked up with another one of A’s sidekicks.

Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD on Pretty Little Liars

Emily’s choices

Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD?

How exactly are Ezra and Sabrina (Bethany) connected?

I’m not sure. I do think Cece, Ezra, and Bethany all worked together at some stage.

I had a thought that maybe Ezra found out about Bethany during his book”research” days and paid her for information about the DiLaurentis family, especially Jessica and Alison. The same way he paid CeCe for information. Ezra was pissed that Ali led him on and lied to him about her age. He admitted that he was crazy about her. So perhaps when Alison went “missing”, there was a whole year for Ezra to start laying the tracks for his “revenge.”

I just don’t believe for one second that if Ezra knew who Aria was the day he “met” her that he didn’t also know about the rest of the girls and their families.

He inserted himself VERY deliberately into drama, and we are supposed just to accept that he just let go of all of that energy and effort just because he got found out?  Or because he loves Aria that much?

I call bullshit.

When Ezra took the bullet in the season 4B finale, I think that Shana was trying to kill him because he is a puppet master. I still don’t know why the girls believed Shana was “A” — she clearly said her agenda wasn’t a game, it was payback. She wanted Alison dead for all of the shitty things she did to others.  Ezra trying to convince the girls that Shana was A was just a distraction.

I believe that Ezra has been running things since day one and if Marlene and company made the motivation decent enough, it could wrap the story up amazingly.

I’m also 90% convinced that Ezra and Wren are friends in the PLL universe. I’ve thought for quite some time that this scene was Wren calling Ezra.

Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD on Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: Tumblr

As was CeCe while she hid out fromt he cops in Ezra’s Ravenswood lair.


Photo Credit: PLL Wiki

Other weird things about Ezra:

  • He goes on “trips” and visits “buddies” when things are going down.  Where is he really?
  • He was MIA during the buying and selling of his family Jaguar (and also conveniently had thousands of dollars in cash in his sock drawer the very episode after Jason DiLaurentis writes a $50k check to “cash” in exchange for information about the whereabouts of Alison’s “corpse.”)
  • He suddenly appears at the end of the Halloween Train in season 3. How did he insert himself into a crime scene filled with high school students? He just gets to waltz in and hug his underage girlfriend who was in a box filled with a dead cop? Weird.
  • He had CeCe Drake on his payroll, and she was listening outside his door after the Hoe Down (omg that episode was so cringeworthy.)
  • He slashed Spencer’s tire in Ravenswood and then attacked her in the Grunwald’s house.
  • AND what the fuck was that costume he had on? Creeperton.
  • His creepy cabin that belongs to a “buddy who was in Europe” — Wren much?
  • Breaking into Hanna’s bedroom and computer and remotely shutting off Emily’s car stranding the girls so he could steal Ali’s diary back.
  • The Truman Capote/Haper Lee connection (a character from To Kill a Mockingbird was based on Truman Capote – and Truman Capote authored Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Creating the characters Varjack/Holly Golightly.
  • Um, his Ravenswood Lair. That wasn’t a writing studio; it was a surveillance unit for a creep.
  • He named his company ‘Shawbee, LLC’ after Ali’s favorite beach in Cape May.
  • Ezra claims that after he sent Aria back to The Radley in a cab the night of Charlotte’s murder that he “went to the House of Pies and talked to a trucker for three hours.” Ezra and his pies.
  • Speaking of pies; in the 7B trailer, Mona reads a note from AD that reads, “Time for Pie. Be there.”
  • Ezra was MIA episode 7×03 and 7×04 because he was apparently in NY visiting Nicole’s parents. This extra could be a continuity error, but when Nicole visits Emily in season 6A, she mentions that her father lives in Florida.
  • I’m pretty sure Ezra killed Sara Harvey because he mentions the murder as he’s convincing Aria that they should elope in Tuscany. He even jokingly asks Aria if she killed Sara Harvey. Why the hurry to get out of town? Why the rush to make it official? They’ve been back together for ten minutes.
  • Eddie Lamb calls him and then is never seen again.
  • I know we are to assume that Ezra didn’t put the knives in Jake’s punching bag, but I’m pretty sure he did.
  • According to Alison, she had CeCe wear the red coat in Now You See Me Now You Don’t to divert A from sawing Emily in half.  Right after Alison has Spencer chase her up to Ezra’s lair.
  • Mrs. Grunwald told Hanna that there is a darkness surrounding her and Caleb. She also felt that Ezra had ‘touched’ one of the girls. I don’t care, she was talking about Ezra in Season 4, and I think she got the same vibe in 7×08.

There are plenty of other bizarre things that Ezra’s involved in, and I’m sure the people who don’t suspect Ezra of being the biggest bad will have an answer and explanation for all of them.

I’ve seen people comment on social media/Reddit/etc., “but you can see on Instagram that Lucy Hale is wearing a veil on set, so they apparently get married…” but so what? I think the AD reveal is going to happen at the EzriA wedding. The last episode of the series is titled, “Till DeAth Do Us PArt.” Just because Lucy is wearing tulle and lace, doesn’t mean that everything goes according to plan.

Sabrina + Ezra + AD + Endgame PLL

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I mean it’s in the title, PLL is a show about liars.

And as for those who say, “Ezra was in Columbia with Nicole during the 7A finale so that couldn’t be him” — we don’t know the exact timeline of all events. As well, the fact that the person who pulled Jenna out had on the old school black hoodie leads me to believe it was NOT AD.

Jenna is blind. She doesn’t know who pulled her out, the mask that was thrown down was her only indication as to who was in the van.

I think it was Mona who pulled Jenna out. Mona is working for AD as a means to try and figure out who he/she is. Mona is the DArkest Knight (episode title). I think she was trying to shoot Jenna and hit Spencer by accident.

My final reason for suspecting that Ezra is the endgame villain of PLL is from social media posts Marlene King made before the 6×20 finale last year.


Could Sabrina and Ezra be AD on Pretty Little Liars

VILL-IAN. Not Ian Thomas. Ian Harding. Ezra. Yeah.

Who do you think is AD? Do you think Marlene would dare make Ezra the ultimate big bad?




Go on


I just went on there to read a Pretty Little Liars interview (I know, somehow THAT doesn’t make me feel old??) and started to scroll through their news feed, and I literally couldn’t find anything relevant to my life.

There were names of people and tv shows that I have never even heard of.

I have many times admitted to pretty much living under a rock, but still when the hell did I get so old?

The same thing happens to me when things get added on Netflix.

For instance, the other day I was so excited that they added Party of Five (I will always heart Griffin Holbrook/Jeremy London), and as soon as the show started, I remembered when it premiered. I was 14 when that show started. I was a freshman in high school.


Not the London from Dazed and Confused.  Photo credit: Pinterest

Also, Gretchen Wieners was, like, 11 when the Party started.  Whenever I do the Mean Girls math, I remember that film came out in 2004!


Gretchen Wieners before her hair was full of secrets. (Pinterest)

Sweet baby cheeses.

My 20th high school reunion is NEXT YEAR.

This just can’t be.

But it is.

I can’t sit with anyone.  I can’t fit in.

And you want to know why?


Photo credit:

Word, Darryl Philbin.

If you’re old(ish), when do you realize this fact? What pop culture triggers you into instantly aging yourself?






The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Forward/Forewarn:  2016 has been one shitshow of a year.  It’s not even over yet, and I’m fucking done.  I quite honestly can’t take hearing anything else about Donald Trump, and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.  So, in an attempt to distract myself from my boring research papers and the shitshow happening back home in the USA, I have been distracting myself with newly added Netflix features.  So, I’m probably going to write shit about films I watch and the observations I make.  

I (repeatedly) tell people that I live under a rock.  I do.  And I live under said rock, mostly, because I think a lot of stuff is terrible/dumb.  Like, someone was talking to me about Vanderpump Rules the other day, and I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.  Then, after googling it, I wish I still didn’t.

Their response to my Vanderpump feelings was…

when pippi longstocking met norman bates

Photo credit: Bravo/Google

I’ve been called worse.

Anyhoo, this isn’t a post about that annoying and vapid shit.

It is a post about how I managed to live 36 years and not watch the film The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane starring a young Jodie Foster.

All I kept thinking while watching this movie was, ‘this is the story of Pippi Longstocking meets Norman Bates’.

Jodie Foster plays Rynn, (which is SO creepy because some of my friends called me “Rin” and “Rinny”), a thirteen (or fourteen) year old eccentric girl living in a New England house with her father – who is ‘seemingly’ never there.

During the first 45 minutes of the film, viewers don’t know what the fuck is going on with Rynn.  She continuously tells people (including a young Martin Sheen playing a paedophile) that her father (a published poet) is either ‘in the study/asleep/or with his publisher in NYC’.

(Spoiler:  Rynn’s dad is dead.)  

All hell breaks loose when Rynn’s crotchety landlady (and mother of creepy Martin Sheen), Mrs Hallet, shows up and demands to speak to her father.  She makes several attempts to outsmart Rynn and divulge the fact that she knows she is living on her own and up to something.

On her final attempt, Mrs Hallet finds an awful truth in the basement, slips, hits her head, and becomes the SECOND corpse in the cellar.  The other one being Rynn’s estranged mother whom her father instructed her to poison and kill as per his dying wish/instruction (which we find out later.)

Rynn then makes friends with the nephew of the town’s most incompetent officer, a local magician named Mario.

Fun fact:  The actor who played Mario, Scott Jacoby, is the dude who played Dorthy Zbornak’s son on several episodes of The Golden Girls.  

when pippi longstocking met norman bates

Photo credit: IMDB/Google

Mario isn’t even slightly concerned that he has befriended a bordering on serial killer and even participates in cleaning up her crimes.  I mean, we learn that she has done all of this for what she believes to be the right reasons. Rynn isn’t a bad girl.  She is an eccentric girl who is a victim of a custody battle between dysfunctional people.

The crotchety old landlady, a known bitch about town, was just collateral damage.

Hollywood often makes children look evil, creepy, and downright demonic at times.  Just think about the number of films dedicated to hoards of adult-slaying children living among cornfields.

So what the hell does this movie, or main character have in common with Pippi Longstocking?  Much like Pippi Longstocking, Rynn is a strong young lady who has been empowered by her father.  Maybe she didn’t have a shitload of gold, a pet monkey, or wash her floors by skating on brushes, but Rynn and Pippi are sisters from another mister.

They both know how to get shit done.

Both Pippi and Rynn were able to  Kevin McCallister a few people throughout their adventures, because seriously, adults can be meddling assholes sometimes.

when pippi longstocking met norman bates

Photo credit: Google

And as we’ve witnessed over the past year, most adults cannot be entrusted with important, life-altering decisions.

Okay, but the what the hell does this movie, or the main character have in common with Norman Bates?  Rynn murders her mother with a poisonous chemical.   Rynn learned how to preserve the body of her dead mother  (she looked it up at the library, duh.)  She also had a somewhat unconventional relationship with her father in which he kept her isolated from school and socialisation while also convincing her not to trust outsiders, including her mother whom he instructed her to kill.

Sure, Rynn doesn’t dress up like her father or throw her voice to carry on conversations with her dissociative personalities, but even still, she is not like other thirteen-year-old girls.  The last similarity between Rynn Jacobs and Norman Bates is the impression we get that she will continue to “remove” any adult who stands to threaten her independence.  In the final scene of the film, Frank Hallet (the pedo son of her crotchety landlady) creeps out from hiding in the cellar to tell Rynn that he found evidence that she killed his mother.  He offers to stay quiet in exchange for dominance over her to which her response was to poison his tea and kill him.

when pippi longstocking met norman bates

“Cheers, fuckface.” Photo credit: Google

Spoiler again:  This is how the film ends.

It’s not like Rynn stabbed the guy in the shower while wearing one of those glasses, nose, and moustache masks, or anything.  But we also don’t get to know Rynn as an adult. She’s bound to be a bit imbalanced after the turn of events.

Pippi Longstocking could bench press a horse and turn herself into a propeller, but she didn’t kill anyone.  She was excellent at outsmarting grown-ups.

Norman Bates could make a killer cup of tea but also killed people.  He was excellent at preserving the remains for future lunch dates.

In conclusion, I didn’t go to film school.


Have you seen this film?  Were you a Pippi Longstocking fan?  I used to follow the girl who played Pippi in the newer movie from the 80’s, but her political views on Twitter were horrible, so I had to unfollow.  

Also, I hate social media.  



Caleb Rivers Could Be Mary Drake’s Son

Caleb Rivers could be Mary Drake’s son.

Okay, okay.  We’re all making theories.  We’re all running out of brain cells with which we can (not) stop ourselves from utilising on Marlene King’s mindfuck of a mystery that is Pretty Little Liars.  

I don’t have much to go on.  However, upon a rewatch.  (Yes, I’m in grad school and have a shit ton of school work, and yet STILL find the time to theorise of this god forsaken show!)

But I digress.

Upon a rewatch episode 3×19 – “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?” – Hanna finds out that Caleb’s ‘Uncle-Daddy’, Jamie Doyle, lives in Amish Country.  

I know that the WB backlot probably only has one barn to use for 25 television shows, but the barn Jamie is working in looks pretty familiar.


And then in 7×03, “The Talented Mr Rollins” Aria and Hanna visit Amish Country to find out more about Elliot Rollins.



But back to Caleb…

We don’t know anything about Caleb’s “real” mother, Claudia Dawson.  We are aware she lives in Montecito, CA and that she has a shit ton of cash.

We know that when Caleb was 5/6 years old, his aunt left him with a babysitter and nobody ever came back for him.

I know, why would Claudia admit to being Caleb’s mother (and have a PI track him down) if he wasn’t hers?

Maybe because she believes that the Caleb we know is her son.

In 3×04, “Birds of a Feather“, we see a computer screen accessing Radley’s patient database removing visitor restrictions for Mona.

‘A’ is at the Montecito Airport – presumably to intimidate  Caleb’s ‘mother’ and run her off the road.  WHY?

Again, WHY?  That’s a lot of effort to just get back at Hanna.  I suppose that Caleb is sticking his nose in, but again, there has to be more as to why ‘A’ would target Caleb’s mother.

Caleb goes out to visit his mother and comes back with an expensive Mercedes-Benz and new clothing – she let him drive back to Pennsylvania on his own in her car?

I don’t know.  It all seems a bit odd.

Maybe Jamie ‘Uncle-Daddy’ Doyle had a thing for Radley hotties. Perhaps at the same time, he was having a relationship with Caleb’s mother he ALSO had a relationship with Mary Drake.

Maybe Jamie was a patient at Radley also?

Is it possible that Jamie kidnapped Caleb, and that’s why at the age of six he was eventually “left with a babysitter”, and they never came back for him?

Could Caleb have been switched with Claudia’s real son?

From the tone of Caleb’s early childhood stories, he was a kid placed in dangerous situations at a young age, rather than born into one.

I mean, c’mon, you (usually) don’t end up sleeping in high school HVAC system at sixteen if you come from a stable affair.

I mean, unless you’re Alison.  Well, technically she was sleeping rough, but, again, her family is super fucked up too.


I also find it very suspicious that we’ve never met Caleb’s mother, but then again, we’ve never met Jenna’s or Toby’s folks either.

Or Noel’s for that matter.

Also, Caleb just happened to “bump into Spencer” in Spain during the flash forward?

I’ve had some weird random connections in life.

However, we all know that there are no coincidences in Rosewood (or between any of its previous residents!).

I’m not saying that Caleb is AD.

I’m not even suggesting that he’s bad, but he has always been sketchy in a vigilante type of way to me.

I need to stop watching this show.

You’re killing us all, Marlene.

Could Caleb Rivers be Mary Drake's son? I think it's totally possible. #pllchat #calebisAD Click To Tweet

Any thoughts?